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In addition, Bologna San Donato classification yard, with 33 railway tracks, is the largest freight hub in Italy by size and traffic.[72]. The main railway station and adjoining areas were severely hit, and 44% of the buildings in the centre were listed as having been destroyed or severely damaged. But the signoria of the Bentivoglio family was then firmly established, and the power passed to his cousin Sante Bentivoglio, who ruled until 1462, followed by Giovanni II. Bologna is a station on Line B of the Rome Metro.It is an underground station located under Piazza Bologna (at the intersection of Viale XXI Aprile, Via Livorno, Via Michele di Lando, Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, Viale delle Province, Via Sambucuccio d'Alando, Via Ravenna).It was opened in … Bologna la migliore nell'anno del virus | Il Sole 24 ORE", "Bombardamenti aerei subiti da Bologna – Storia e Memoria di Bologna", "7 novembre 1944 – Battaglia di Porta Lame", Virginio Merola. The original Roman ramparts were supplanted by a high medieval system of fortifications, remains of which are still visible, and finally by a third and final set of ramparts built in the 13th century, of which numerous sections survive. The seat of the regional government is Fiera District, a tower complex designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange in 1985. L'adesione è motivata dalla volontà di collaborare e cooperare per gestire, a livello di area vasta, funzioni sovracomunali puntualmente individuate. [21] Believed to have been established in 1088, the University of Bologna is widely considered the world's oldest university in continuous operation. Bologna was the center of a revived study of law, including the scholar Irnerius[20] (c 1050 – after 1125) and his famous students, the Four Doctors of Bologna. However, these reforms achieved only mixed results. Papal rule was contested in the uprisings of 1831. Cisl Area Metropolitana Bolognese - Via Milazzo,16, 40121 Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Rated 4.5 based on 13 Reviews "Eccellente, informazioni e... Jump to Sections of this page The sum each of the pairs can be calculated as one cuboid of double width. Visit eXtraBo, the information office dedicated to the nature in Bologna and its surroundings. It has been operative since January 1, 2015. Du Pouget was eventually ousted by a popular rebellion and Bologna became a signoria under Taddeo Pepoli in 1334. SEDE DI BOLOGNA - VIA MILAZZO 16 tel 051256733 SEDE DI IMOLA - VIA VOLTA 1,3,5 tel 0542-32051 Adiconsum è un’associazione di … Minors (children ages 18 and younger) totalled 12.86 percent of the population compared to pensioners who number 27.02 percent. The first public theater was the Teatro alla Scala, active since 1547 in Palazzo del Podestà. Julius II entered the city triumphantly on 10 November. [citation needed], Gianni Falchi Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Bologna. SAIS Bologna was founded in 1955 as the first campus of a US post-graduate school to open in Europe. [34], The economic and demographic decline of Bologna became even more noticeable starting from the second half of the 18th century. The most famous of the towers of Bologna are the central "Due Torri" (Asinelli and Garisenda), whose iconic leaning forms provide a popular symbol of the town.[63]. In 1790 the city had 72,000 inhabitants, ranking as the second largest in the Papal States; however this figure had remained unchanged for decades. The theatre was a popular form of entertainment in Bologna until the 16th century. In 1998, the City of Bologna initiated the project "Bologna dei Teatri" (Bologna of the Theatres), an association of the major theatrical facilities in the city. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 9 ago 2020 alle 14:44. Bologna has also two other nicknames: the first one, "the towered" (la turrita) refers to the high number of medieval towers that can be found in the city, even if today only 24 towers are still standing. The economy was stagnant because of Papal policies that distorted trade with heavy custom duties and sold concessions of monopolies to single manufacturers thus lowering competition, depressing productivity and incentivising corruption. During the Italian Plague of 1629–31 alone Bologna lost up to a third of its population. [5], Originally Etruscan, the city has been one of the most important urban centres for centuries, first under the Etruscans (who called it Felsina), then under the Celts as Bona, later under the Romans (Bonōnia), then again in the Middle Ages, as a free municipality and signoria, when it was among the largest European cities by population. It serves 58 million passengers annually. At this time, Bologna had ninety-six convents, more than any other Italian city. Greater Bologna offers varied and changing panoramas, hidden gems to explore on the outskirts. [102] Traditional Bolognese desserts are often linked to holidays, such as fave dei morti ("cookies of the dead"), multi-coloured almond paste cookies made for All Saints' Day, jam-filled raviole cookies that are served on Saint Joseph's Day, and carnival sweets known as sfrappole, a light and delicate fried pastry topped with powder sugar, certosino or panspeziale ("carthusian" o "apothecary-cake"), a spicy cake served on Christmas. Nel 2001, l'area metropolitana di Bologna contava una popolazione di circa 915 000 abitanti[1], dei quali circa il 38% corrispondenti alla città di Bologna (384.377). [25] After the death of his half-brothers Conrad IV in 1254, Frederick of Antioch in 1256 and Manfred in 1266, as well as the execution his nephew Conradin in 1268, he was the last of the Hohenstaufen heirs. Istituita l'8 aprile 2014, è operativa dal 1° gennaio 2015.. Il codice Istat del nuovo ente è 237, che sostituisce il codice Istat 037 dell'omonima provincia.. The Orchestra Mozart, whose music director was Claudio Abbado until his death in 2014, was created in 2004. Ingressi gratuiti o ridotti a musei, mostre, teatri e cinema. [46] Resistance forces entered Bologna on the morning of 21 April 1945. According to UNESCO, "As the first Italian city to be appointed to the Network, Bologna has demonstrated a rich musical tradition that is continuing to evolve as a vibrant factor of contemporary life and creation. The metropolitan area is composed of the cities of Anzola dell'Emilia, Calderara di Reno, Casalecchio di Reno, Castel Maggiore, Castenaso, Granarolo dell'Emilia, Pianoro, San Lazzaro di Savena, Sasso Marconi and Zola Predosa. The largest immigrant group came from other European countries (mostly Romanians and Albanians): 2.82%, East Asia (mostly Filipino): 1.50%, and South Asia (mostly from Bangladesh): 1.39%.[76]. [38] Bolognese moderate agrarian elites, that supported liberal insurgencies against the papacy and were admirers of the British political system and of free trade, envisioned a unified national state that would open a bigger market for the massive agricultural production of the Emilian plains. [71] The city hosts several minor railway stations (see List of railway stations in Bologna). rapporto : L'indirizzo IP primario del sito è,ha ospitato il Italy,Torino, IP: ISP:Host SpA TLD:it CountryCode:IT Questa relazione è aggiornata a 18-08-2020 In 1350, Bologna was conquered by Archbishop Giovanni Visconti, the new lord of Milan. [26] In 1376, Bologna again revolted against Papal rule and joined Florence in the unsuccessful War of the Eight Saints. Bologna (/bəˈloʊnjə/, UK also /bəˈlɒnjə/, Italian: [boˈloɲɲa] (listen); Emilian (Bolognese dialect): Bulåggna [buˈlʌɲːa]; Latin: Bonōnia) is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. In particular, Bologna is considered the centre of the so-called "packaging valley", an area well known for its high concentration of firms specialised in the manufacturing of automatic packaging machines (COESIA, IMA). The city was heavily bombed again on 25 September. 49º Rapporto annuale sulla situazione sociale del Paese - Territorio e reti - Tab. In terms of total GDP, the Metropolitan City of Bologna generated a value of about €35 billion ($40.6 billion) in 2017, equivalent to €34,251 ($40,165) per capita, the third highest figure among Italian provinces (after Milan and Bolzano/Bozen).[67]. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy with about 390,000 inhabitants and 150 different nationalities. Bologna (Metropolitan City, Emilia-Romagna, Italy) with population statistics, charts, map and location. [31] Bologna continued to suffer a progressive deindustrialisation also in the 18th century. Traces of human habitation in the area of Bologna go back to the 3rd millennium BCE, with significant settlements from about the 9th century BCE (Villanova culture). The Boroughs have the power to advise the Mayor with nonbinding opinions on a large spectrum of topics (environment, construction, public health, local markets) and exercise the functions delegated to them by the City Council; in addition they are supplied with an autonomous founding in order to finance local activities. Pope Gregory XVI asked for [75] The current birth rate of Bologna is 8.07 births per 1,000 inhabitants compared to the Italian average of 9.45 births. The windy 666 vault arcades, almost four kilometres (3,796 m or 12,454 ft) long, effectively links San Luca, as the church is commonly called, to the city centre. Accesso documentale; Accesso civico; Accesso civico generalizzato; Patto per Bologna metropolitana; Collaborazioni con altri territori An important figure of Italian Bolognese theatre was Alfredo Testoni, the playwright, author of The Cardinal Lambertini, which has had great theatrical success since 1905, repeated on screen by the Bolognese actor Gino Cervi. Giovanni II managed to resist the expansionist designs of Cesare Borgia for some time, but on 7 October 1506, Pope Julius II issued a bull deposing and excommunicating Bentivoglio and placing the city under interdict. Occupied by Frankish troops in 774 on behalf of the papacy, Bologna remained under imperial authority and prospered as a frontier mark of the Carolingian empire.[19]. Annual precipitation oscillates between around 450 mm (18 in) and 900 mm (35 in),[52] with the majority generally falling in spring and autumn. According to the most recent data gathered by the European Regional Economic Growth Index (E-REGI) of 2009, Bologna is the first Italian city and the 47th European city in terms of its economic growth rate. Of the two, the former won 15 Italian basketball championships and two Euroleagues making them one of the most influential European basketball clubs; the latter won two league titles between 1999 and 2005. [41], Bologna suffered extensive damage during World War II. Finally, the Church of San Michele in Bosco is a 15th-century religious complex located on a hill not far from the city's historical cente. As of 2009[update], 89.47% of the population was Italian. The Papal census of 1841 reported 10,000 permanent beggars and another 30,000 (out of a total population of 70,000) who lived in poverty. The Metropolitan City of Bologna is a metropolitan city in the Emilia Romagna region, Italy. Mancini, Giorgia, and Nicholas Penny, eds. [99] Situated in the fertile Po River Valley, the rich local cuisine depends heavily on meats and cheeses. [101] Tagliatelle with ragù, lasagne, tortellini served in broth, and mortadella, the original Bologna sausage, are among the local specialties. Its porticos provide shelter for the traditional procession which every year since 1433 has carried a Byzantine icon of the Madonna with Child attributed to Luke the Evangelist down to the Bologna Cathedral during the Feast of the Ascension.[64]. Commemorations take place in Bologna on 2 August each year, culminating in a concert in the main square.

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